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Audio Guest Book

After the BEEP

A real Retro phone in the event space that will record all the wishes of the guests and will enchant the attendees!

Your guests simply pick up the phone and record a wish or a message for you!

Perfect for any special event like your wedding party or child's christening, and any special event in your life, collect the best wishes from friends and family and after the event you will receive a copy with all the recordings!


Why to choose it

Audio guest books are memorable and fun for guests because they can easily record a message that will be played back to the bride and groom.

Guests can leave lots of messages as the night goes on and you can expect the messages to get better as the drinks go on!


How it works?

Step 1. Your guests pick up the phone and hear the personalized pre-recorded message you've left for them.

Step 2. After the BEEP they can start recording their message!

Step 3. When they're done, they simply return the handset back to its base. The recording is then stored securely.

Step 4. After the event we will retrieve the entire recording for you to keep forever!

Step 5. Your USB stick is full of audio memories and we deliver it to you!

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